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11.28.18 June Program - Daily Jefferson County Union

06.03.18 Daily Herald Art Show Benefit

08.01.17 Idaho County Free Press OHH Veterans at Grangeville ranch!

06.01.17 Jerry Paulsen radio interview: Military Life After Service

02.28.17 AFA Journal: God's Quiet Healers

02.09.17Featurette on blogtalkradio.com: Operation Horses and Heroes

12.21.16 Article featured in the The News-Herald: Operation Horses and Heroes aims to help veterans, active duty service personnel

12.21.16 Windy City Bulls ticket proceeds to benefit Operation Horses and Heroes during Military Appreciation Night! 

12.07.16 MSU Rodeo Club's event (February 16, 2017) proceeds to benefit Operation Horses and Heroes! Learn more!

06.28.16 See our featured article in the Northwest Harold, Battle House and ‘Operation Horses and Heroes’ team up on July 30th with a fundraiser for veterans with disabilities

04.27.16 Article featured in Liberty Life: Second Chances for Horses, Soldiers Rein and Rescue, Therapeutic Equine Encounters

02.17.16 Article featured in the Coastal Courier: Horses, military personnel, veterans help each other

02.09.16 Article featured in the Coastal Courier: Second Chances Rescues Horses — and People

06.22.15 (Part 2) On Brownfield, Ag News for America, Jerry Paulsen, Founder and President of Operation Horses and Heroes is back with us to share how veterans, those active in the military and their families can become involved. This week in Part 2, as a non-profit, Paulsen says their needs are two-fold. Click here to listen.

06.15.15 (Part 1) On Brownfield, Ag News for America, Jerry Paulsen, Founder and President of Operation Horses and Heroes describes the program as one that utilizes the power of the horse through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Click here to listen.

02.11.15 OHH President, Jerry Paulsen had the oportunity to promote Operation Horses and Heroes on the Big Pitch Radio Show! Click here to listen.

03.11.15 Operation Horses and Heroes was featured in an article by the Northwest Herald. Click here to read it.